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RAVPOWER External Battery Pack 6000mAh | Model RP-PB17 (english)

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my post today is a product review. Thanks to the site I was able to test the RAVPOWER External Battery Pack 6000mAh. Here is the link to the giveaway: Thank you for this amazing opportunity :)

There were 4 colours to choose from: black, blue, gold and pink. I chose pink. After a few days someone knocked on my door. My package was here! I was so exited. I opened the package and found a cute little box in it. What was in it? The mobile charger, the instructions (in many languages) and a white cable charger, so I could recharge the battery pack.

First thing I did was reading the instructions. According to the instructions the battery pack was ready for use. The portable charger is suitable for android phones and iPhones but also iPads and iPods. The only thing you need to do is to connect your phone with your charger cable to the battery pack. After approximately 1 hour my phone was completely charged. The mobile charger shuts himself down after recharging your phone fully.

On the display you can see 4 little sqaures, which show the battery status. If your battery pack is completely full, all 4 squares should shine (100%). After every recharging process 1 square gets empty. When 50% of your portable charger is empty, you have to recharge it. This process takes between 4 to 6 hours.

Another practical function: the portable charger has a LED - flashlight.

My conclusion: I am super happy that I got this amazing gadget to use. I recommend it to everyone who spends a lot of time outside and needs to recharge his phone during the day. I will link you the website of the producer and a link to the product itself down below.


External Battery Pack 6000mAh in the Amazon Online Shop for 16,99€:

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