Samstag, 27. Februar 2016

Audrey Morris Cosmetics

A few weeks ago I've got the amazing opportunity to try out the amazing make-up products by Audrey Morris Cosmetics. Thank you so much for the beautiful package ❤

My box was filled with various products, from liquid lipsticks to lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes, foundations, concealers, powders, lip and eyebrow pencils, blushes and a highlighter.

I swatched the products immediately and I have to say the consistency and colour pay off shocked me because it was amazing. I love the elegant and classic packaging of all the products.
The lipsticks are super soft and the colour pay off is stunning. They are longlasting and smooth on the lips. The colour range is really versatile. The collection has pink, red, orange and nude tones but there were also a blue and a purple lipstick which I found really unexpected and cool.There are matte shades and shiny shades. I love all of them ❤

I received three eyeshadow palettes and three single mineral eyeshadows which are beautiful.
I got the palettes in:
  • #622 (my personal favourite)
  • #623
  • #624
And single eyeshadows in:
  • #69
  • #208
  • #209

I was really excited about the skin products because I love to try out new foundations and concealers. I can't wait to try out the beautiful cream contour colours and the sparkly highlighter. The box included also two foundations in different shades: one foundation was in a light shade and the other one was a slightly darker shade.

I was super excited about the liquid lipsticks because they reminded me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills and Colour Pop Cosmetics liquid lipsticks. I didn't have any liquid lipsticks so this was a huge deal for me. I swatched them immediately and fell in love with them right away. The colour pay off is amazing and the consistency of them is super soft. The application is easy and the colours are really beautiful and suitable for any occasion. The liquid lipsticks have a beautiful matte finish and are smear resistant. I love the colour variety ❤
I got the liquid lipsticks in:
  • #100
  • #101
  • #102
  • #103
  • #104
  • #105 

My conclusion about the Audrey Morris Cosmetics is surprisingly positive. I love all of their products ❤

The consistency and the colour pay off is amazing. The quality of all the products is excellent and the best thing about them is: they are super affordable. You can buy everything on their page linked below:

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